Thursday, August 20, 2009


I saw this painting on Bill Guffey's blog site and on his home page and I am touched. I don't want to post a copy of the image here without his permission, so please check it out on one of his sites. It's called Olives.

I get lost in this painting.

My eyes delight in the way the sunlight dances on the blooming trees. I gaze into the depths of the image, trying to see the mountains more clearly. I want to kick off my shoes and saunter barefoot down that dirt road. I want to have a picnic lunch on the soft grass in the shade beneath the trees. I want to head towards those peaks in the distance with nothing but time on my hands. I want to see if the colors on the slopes are wildflowers, and if they are, I want to pick some and put them in my hair. I want to smell the air as I walk down the road, clean and damp. I can already feel the warm breeze tousling my hair.

I am found.

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