Thursday, August 13, 2009

Marriage and Unemployment

I have been doing some research to see how other people are dealing with the recession, especially other married couples. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal speaks directly to the impact the recession has had on marriages. Elizabeth Bernstein's article notes that young couples who are partially or fully unemployed are experiencing what retired couples face. More time together, a change in routine, an increased reliance on each other.

I also came across The 405 Club, which is running a series called "Living With The Recession". I also liked Garrett Dale's article this morning about his unemployed routine.

If you've recently been followed by me on Twitter, it's probably because you mentioned recently that you're unemployed and you're trying to figure out how to stay positive or how to adjust to this new circumstance. I'd love for my blog to become a resource for you or that it will give you some positive support. For example, I found Cindy Burns on Twitter yesterday, who was asking for tips on how to stay positive while being unemployed. While I'm no expert, I do believe that a community of people with a shared experience and different perspectives can be a source of strength and support.

How do you get through the day? Has your marriage been changed because of unemployment? What resources do you rely on for support?

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