Friday, August 7, 2009

Cookie Monster!

My last post about counting calories made me hungry!

I have enjoyed baking since I started living with Donald, mostly because he loves eating everything I make. That sometimes derails our desire to manage our weight, but I'm ok with that. I used to bake blueberry scones every Saturday, especially in the winter when it felt good to stand in an oven-warmed kitchen. I learned how to make pie crust shortly before hosting my family for Thanksgiving. I made an apple pie and a pecan pie, my first ever! And they actually turned out well. I loved baking cookies, especially when we could take them over to a new neighbor or to work for someone's birthday, or just because. For me, baking is about sharing.

Baked apple pie cooling on the stove

Since Donald and I moved in with his parents, however, I haven't had the same opportunities. My pans and mixer and utensils are boxed up in storage, and even though Donald's mother has a well-equipped kitchen, it's not the same. It has also taken several months to feel comfortable using her kitchen as I would my own. I also didn't know that I missed baking until I came across one of my favorite blogs, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, a piece of the entire Pioneer Woman blog (which I also highly recommend, especially her story of how she and her husband met - I was riveted for several days).

So last weekend, I whipped up a wonderful thing called Earthquake Cake. It's a very easy recipe and the whole family oohed and aahed over it. We cut the 9x13 pan into 16 pieces (only 218 calories per piece!) and it was gone within three days. Donald says it was especially good with a little vanilla ice cream on the side. I will definitely be making that again!

Now to figure out what I should make next! Any suggestions?

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