About Me

I am Daphne, a 30-year-old married woman with no children (yet), exploring how to be a better wife, friend, and community member.

My husband started a new career after being unemployed for a year and a half. For a year of that time, we lived with his parents to save money and to get our feet under us again. We moved out and have started our lives up again. Here I chronicle our experiences, struggles, and hopes for our life ahead.

We are experiencing many new adventures, including owning our first dog, attempting to buy our first home, and attending to start a family of the non-furry kind. I'm also exploring my future role as a mother and potential housewife.

I'm originally from southern California and I find that my years in the East and Midwest have made me long for the West again, so one of my challenges now is to figure out what that means.

The prospect of becoming a mother is also equal parts exciting and terrifying. I seek a way to balance becoming who I want to be and becoming a mother and making sure that the latter doesn't prevent the former.

See my first post for our story and the reason I started this blog. Please also read this post.

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