Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Choices

A quick walk, a box of hair dye, a mocha, and a call from Donald and I'm back in the saddle.

I chose to take unfulfilling jobs before. I can choose to make different choices next time.

I have learned how it feels to be in positions that do not challenge me, do not engage me, and do not make me a better person. I only fail if I knowingly let it happen again.

I worry that my job experience doesn't give me qualifications that will land a job I really want. I need to work harder to prove that I have the skills and abilities to do what I really want to do.

Donald reminded me that our next move will come with flexibility that we have never had before. Donald will be the one providing the main income and health insurance. We might need the money from my income too, but I can be more careful and picky about what I do next. My next steps do not have to include another temporary job. I do not have to sacrifice this time. Whatever I choose next does not have to be set aside for children. I will demand flexibility from myself and from my next endeavor. It will be meaningful. It will be fulfilling. It will be challenging.

Thank you, Donald, for being the best husband in the world, for picking me up and brushing me off, and putting me back in the saddle. Thank you for acknowledging that I have sacrificed my "career" for the past four years and for not letting me think that I have consequently damaged my future. We will get there, together. I love you.

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