Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Need Advice

I have two questions for my blog readers:

(1) How do you get eyeshadow to stay put for longer than an hour? I have tried applying foundation first, I have tried different types of brushes to apply it, I have tried different brands. I LOVE eye makeup and I want to make it stay where I put it. Any suggestions?

(2) Donald and I have two cats. The older one is long-haired and seems to be unable to keep her rear clean. She is a tad overweight, so she might not be able to reach it. She reminds us of the situation every single day by scootching her butt on the carpet, creating lovely little poo paintings for us to enjoy.

I have gotten used to cleaning up after her, but it's a possible health risk for her and might be a sign of something else. I did some research online for suggestions. I saw the warnings that butt scootching might be a sign of worms. I saw suggestions to trim her fur so there's less for poo to stick to. I see the possible need to control her weight better by changing our feeding habits. But I want some more opinions. Please?


  1. Daphne-
    Those have got to be the two most random questions I've ever seen asked at the same time! =) Don't have any advice about the cat but I know a little something about eyeshadow!

    Have you tried a lid primer? Urban Decay sells one called "Urban Decay Primer Potion". The stuff rocks! It's sheer, nude and goes on with a doe-tip wand. It absolutely works for all-day shadow wear with no creasing. You can find it at Sephora and most of the major department stores carry Urban Decay. I have tried other primers but this one works the best for me!
    Good luck with the scooting problem...I've got a 2 year old that likes to scoot too!

  2. Mindy, thanks so much for the advice! I will definitely have to find a lid primer, and the one by Urban Decay sounds awesome. I appreciate your other makeup recommendations on your website too! Thanks for the luck on the scooting issue. I'm hoping we can take her to a groomer for a quick trim, but I'll keep everyone posted!


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