Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 - Year in Review

This year has been filled with activity, difficulties, changes, and growth. I thought it would be nice to reflect here and to share my hopes for 2010.

January brought our decision to move from our apartment to live with Donald's parents. The money was running out and my income alone would not sustain us. Donald had been unemployed and looking for approximately 5 months.

In February, I left a job that was probably the best one I had had so far, yet was not even close to meeting my potential or challenging me to improve. We packed and moved over the course of a week, settling in just before the end of the month. We left good friends behind who were expecting a baby in the first week of March and missed being a part of his homecoming.

March saw us through a lot of adjustments, getting settled in our new space, unpacking some boxes and storing others. I hung out for a couple of weeks and then dove right into job searching for myself. Donald continued his search. We also took the opportunity to visit my family while we both had no obligations.

April came with more job applications and an interview or two. I also increased my involvement in a volunteer organization I work with to meet returning Veterans' needs. Donald tried to keep his head above water. May delivered me a new job, a happy thing and a frustrating thing for Donald because I had found one so quickly. I was happy to see that this job actually connected with some of my values, despite my overqualified status.

In June, my insurance kicked in and I got updated with doctor, dentist, optometrist, etc. I made Donald do it too - I'm a big fan of preventative medicine. I started getting involved in my in-laws' garden, pulling weeds, harvesting anything that had ripened, and getting my hands dirty. I also traveled for work for the first time in my life, an interesting experience. July brought me the pleasure of more gardening. I started expanding my knowledge at work, getting through training and making some good connections with helpful people.

August was the beginning of Donald's communication with the company he's currently working for, the beginning of a very long process that is still ongoing. I started learning more and more about my job and the needs of the Veteran population, gaining motivation and energy from the knowledge that I was contributing to creating solutions. I made a last minute travel decision and helped my sister move to her new job. Most importantly, I started my blog. I began the journey that has had the greatest impact of the year on me.

I was so excited about blogging and getting started that I wrote 28 posts in 27 days in August. My first comment was from Jessica at booshy and I was thrilled. I have no idea how she found me. I wrote about so many different topics, including marriage, depression, cooking and baking, gardening, and what it was like to live with my in-laws. It was the beginning of my journey into personal development, the beginning of my blog as a little more than just an online journal. I think my adventure with my sister is a clear indication that by the end of the month, I was open to change and ready to grow.

In September, I branched out in the blogs I was reading for more inspiration. Some days I would post three times. When I posted about other blogs, linking to them and writing about why they had impacted me, I significantly increased the number of comments on my blog. I immediately recognized the value of community, of sharing, and of spreading helpful information to anyone who read what I had to say.

In October, I reduced the number of posts I wrote and tried to focus on themes and quality, sharing my innermost thoughts in search for comfort, support, and encouragement from my readers. I was not disappointed. When I hit a low point, I had the largest number of commenters I had ever had before.

November and December have been very light posting months for me. I think it's partially because of the holidays, because of my workload picking up, and because I have been making an effort to say less and think/listen more. I am doing more than I am talking about doing, and that feels sublime. I'm also in a somewhat more confident place now that Donald is working. It has given me time to think about other things in my life that can be improved and I am happy letting those evolve slowly.

If I haven't said it clearly before now, the community I have discovered and grown with through my blog has had a very positive impact on me. I have grown more in the past few months than I have in several years. I know that I can depend on my readers for a hug, for support and encouragement, for wise words, a kick in the pants, and perspectives based on many years of experience. I am so grateful for all of you and I am excited to see what the new year brings knowing that I have all of you in my life to help me and cheer me on.

In 2010, I am looking forward to quite a few things:
  • Improving my relationship with my mom
  • Improving my communication with my family and friends
  • Moving out of the in-laws' home and into our own, setting up a home
  • Adding a dog to our family
  • Moving forward on adding children to our family
  • Decluttering as I unpack the boxes that have been in storage for almost a year
  • Writing in my blog about my experiences and observations, reading the blogs I love
  • Doing something just for me at least once a week
  • Traveling with Donald before we have a family
  • Setting up a clear budget based on our values and priorities
  • Starting my own garden
  • Cooking and baking and trying new recipes
  • Adjusting my job/career to further align with my values and passions, allowing me flexibility and making a contribution 
  • Standing side by side with Donald and making our marriage flourish
How was your 2009? What are you looking forward to in 2010?

Happy New Year!


  1. I'm reposting a comment from Mindy (

    "Well, it's certainly been quite a year for you! I'm very grateful I found your blog as you always leave me thinking about things that may never have crossed my mind. I love your list for's as comprehensive as you are! Merry Christmas! =)

    I responded: "Mindy, I'm grateful I found you too! Thank you so much for stopping by and for the Christmas wishes! I hope yours was lovely too!"

  2. I'm reposting a comment from Kara (

    "I started my blog solely for family and I've gotten more out of it than I ever expected. Sometimes I think it's the only thing that has kept me sane! The blogging community has been amazing!"

    I responded: "Kara, it is amazing how a simply-intended blog can turn into so much more. I'm glad it has kept you sane and that you have found a similar comfort in the blogging community. Thanks for stopping by!"

  3. I'm reposting a comment from suzen (

    "Hi Daphne! What an ambitious list! I'm hard pressed to have more than one goal for my 90-day program - one is about all I can remember! Can't juggle like I used to. I'm so glad you found the blogsphere! It's fantastic getting instant feedback isn't it? Looking forward to your posts in 2010!"

    I responded: "suzen, I hope that I can allow myself to focus on one thing at a time, much like you have with your 90-day program. I'm also glad I found the blogsphere - I know how much it has made a difference in my life. I'm looking forward to 2010 as well. Thanks for your support, as always."

  4. I'm reposting a comment from J.D. Meier (

    "Great review and your future looks focused and fun ... you can't go wrong living your values."

    I responded: "J.D., thanks for stopping by and commenting! Thanks for the feedback on my future plans - it will be neat to see how much of it actually happens and what other important things happen that will be complete surprises."

  5. I'm reposting a comment from Joy (

    You've had quite a year! I love that you share as openly as you do because that allows your readers to learn lots as you learn and grow. Your list is "all inclusive" and I send lots of good energy your way as you continue to blossom in the new year:)"

    I responded: "Joy, thank you! Sharing openly is an important tool for me, like an online journal, and knowing that I can help my readers even a little makes me feel so great. Thank you for the good energy, I'm sending some your way as well!"

  6. I'm reposting a comment from Princess Kate (

    "What an amazing year you've had! I am impressed with your ability to make big decisions always keeping the bigger picture in mind and still being able to make the most of each moment. Many of us tend to live either in the past or in the future, but you seem thoroughly focused on the present using each moment as a stepping stone to a clearly envisioned future. I hope my 2010 has a lot less surprises in it than 2009 did, but I don't really know what I hope for other than good health for me and my kids, as well as financial security. Good luck with your plans!"

    I responded: "Kate, it has been amazing, thank you! I'm sure you'll see in some of my older posts that many of the big decisions I made were much harder than they seem in summary here. I have tried, though, to do what you described, to see the big picture and to take advantage of opportunities. Living in the present is one of my biggest hurdles and I find that it gets easier with practice.

    I hope that if 2010 has surprises that they are good ones. Good luck with your new year!"

  7. I'm reposting a comment from Angelia (

    "Wonderful review Daphne! I enjoyed reading and remembering. I did not know Jessica was your first commenter. I think she might have been one of mine too. That is awesome!

    Happy New Year to you and Donald. I look forward to your insightful posts. You have a come such a long way in a short time.


    I responded: "Angelia, thank you! It was really fun to look back and see how everything has evolved, and I hadn't remembered that Jessica was my first comment either until I saw it. You were one of my early commenters too. Happy New Year to you too!"

  8. I'm reposting a comment from Peggy (

    "Daphne - you've had a remarkable, eventful, and adventurous year! Talk about stretching and growing!!

    May you stretch and grow exponentially in 2010!

    Blessing to you and Donald!


    I responded: "Peggy, I agree, thank you! You have contributed to my growth and I hope that 2010 brings you many blessings and happiness. Happy New Year!"

  9. I'm reposting a comment from Wilma (

    "Hi Daphne.
    It is good to look back and see where you have come from, what successes you have achieved and what support you have received. For me it helps to keep things in persepctive.
    As SuZen I am impressed with what you are aiming for in the new year, and go for it!
    Lots of love to you and Donald for 2010."

    I responded: "Wilma, thank you so much! It definitely helps my perspective to look backwards and forwards and still maintain my present. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. Happy New Year!"

  10. I'm reposting a comment from Jessica (

    "Since I've been called to the carpet............. :)

    I truly have no idea how I found your blog...but I did. Yay me! Now? I have a real, live imaginary friend. Which is awesome.

    Seriously, though: Your 2009 was full of more changes than one tends to experience even in 5 years time...the fact that you took each in stride as best as you could and still mangaged to stay positive speaks volumes about you as a person (even though you're still *technically* imaginary). You have built an extensive blogging community over the months and I am so glad to be part of it. :)"

    I responded: "Welcome to the carpet - for people as awesome as you, it's a red carpet!

    I'm glad you found me, SO glad. I am totally imaginary. Except for the real parts.

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Jessica. Your support and encouragement mean a lot to me. I'm glad you're a part of my blogging community too! "

  11. I'm reposting a comment from David (

    "Hi Daphne. Quite a year you had. Entering the blogging community was a great experience for me too, and I'm sorry I haven't had time to be as active a part of it since I've been traveling."

    I responded: "David, It was quite a year indeed! I'm so glad you stopped by to comment. I've been enjoying your blog, despite your travels. Wishing you the best in 2010!"


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