Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good News

Those who follow me on Twitter know that Donald received good news on Thursday. He has a short-term contract from November to March with the company he has been waiting on.

I am amazed at how much of a difference this has made.

My outlook has changed. I find so much stability knowing that we have a plan until March. I can make plans, like signing up for yoga classes and visiting my family for Christmas. I breathe easier.

A change for me at work has improved my community of support, surrounding me with caring co-workers, little drama, and natural light (I hadn't realized that my previous work environment had been so dreary).

Donald's mood is sky-high, knowing that he will be contributing in so many ways. He starts just after Thanksgiving. I can truly say that I am happy. We have so much to be thankful for.

There are drawbacks, of course. He might not get the full-time position once March rolls around. He has to commute and spend three days a week in the office, so we'll be long-distance part time. We aren't moving anytime soon, so I will come up with a different decluttering timeline.

The benefits, however, far outweigh the costs. We have a wonderful, caring, supportive, and encouraging community to help us through the next few months. I am so grateful to my fellow bloggers who have been with us on this journey thus far. It is far from over. I hope you will continue to follow our adventures.

Thank you for your freely given love and continued support.


  1. Hey CONGRATS!!!! Keep putting what you guys want OUT THERE! You know what a believer I am - tune in to my weekend video! :)
    Hugs to both of you!

  2. Congrats to Donald, this is GREAT news. I am sure it is a big sigh of relief, and relaxation (that yoga sounds real good).

    Take it easy for now, and know the future holds much happiness.

    What a wonderful early Christmas present. :-)

  3. That is awesome! I am so glad for you and Donald and can only imagine how relieved you feel! Enjoy your break from worry and reap all the benefits! =)

  4. suZen - Thank you so much! It is working so far, so we definitely want to stick with what works.

    Angelia - It is definitely a relief, especially because I feel like I can settle in a little bit instead of being ready to move at a moment's notice. I have so much faith in things working out. Thank you for the congrats!

    Mindy - Thanks so much! We are both relieved and happy with this development, despite it not being exactly what we had hoped for.

  5. Yay!! So happy for you! :) (and Donald)

  6. Congratulations to Donald! YAY!!

    In 2005 I took a job which started as a 3 month contract. Nearly five years later, I'm still there.

    Happy Thanksgiving Daphne!

  7. Yay for Donald. I just "found" you through Booshy's blog. Because I read everyone's thanks and promised to visit all. You know what sucked me in to your first first. Your header. It rocks.

    Because I still have lots of other peoples' blogs to visit, I have to cut this visit short. But, first I have to ask, are you still living with Donald's parents? I want to know but don't have enough time to keep reading to find out.

  8. Peggy - Yay indeed! I'm so glad that your short-term contract turned out so well. I hope it does for Donald too. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

    ToadMama - Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like my header. It was designed by Kim Salyer at Thinking Out Loud (

    We are still living with Donald's parents and we plan to until Donald has a full-time position so we know it's worth moving out. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. awesome news and yes raise the spirits high Thank you for sharing the good news

  10. Patricia - Thank you very much! I look forward to sharing more. I appreciate your support.

  11. I'm replacing some comments that got lost in my template changes this weekend. Please see below:

    On December 19, 2009, PrincessKate ( commented: I know what you mean about stability. I just learnt last week that I have a three month contract starting in January. I was getting really worried about my mortgage, but now I know that me and my kids are safe for at least another three months. Anyway, since I found I've felt myself expand again, my world has been so narrow for the last three months. Now I am again thinking about all the possibilities open to me, beyond just paying the mortgage and putting food on the table.

    And then: The rest of my comments got cut off - I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. You and others I found through your blog and Lisis' have inspired me to make some changes and take my blogging further and deeper.

  12. PrincessKate - Congrats on the three month contract, that's wonderful! Take it a step at a time. :) And yes, it does give the opportunity to expand into more than the basic necessities. I hope it all goes well, thanks for stopping by! Sorry about getting cut off - I'm working on implementing a new commenting setup, so there may be glitches. I'm so glad you have found inspiration in your own blog and in others'.


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