Monday, February 1, 2010

So Close

It is so close.

I can see myself running on new bike trails

I see making new friends

I see discovering new places to shop and eat and exercise

I see a new yoga master there, recommended by my current teacher

I see our cats enjoying new space

I see our belongings unpacked

I see myself uncluttering with joy

I see our new laundry room

I see hanging art on the walls

I see sunshine coming in the windows

I see cooking and baking healthy, yummy food

I see my husband coming home from work, tired and happy

I see the beginning of our family

I see peaceful space

I see responsible choices and a happy budget

I see traveling

I see hosting visitors

I see a new puppy and walks and dog parks

I see happy work with a nonprofit I believe in

I see a functional and comfortable home office

I see photos of family and friends everywhere

I see fresh garden produce from my garden

I see community service and a connection with our new home

I see checking out the University, maybe taking classes or workshops

I see continuing to blog and to write and to share

I see a home
I see independence
I see growth
I see quality
I see love

~ Donald's official position offer is just out of reach. We should know something more concrete in the next few weeks. We spent the weekend looking at apartment options online, to move in March. Significant, possibly sudden, transition dances enticingly at the beginning of spring. Fitting. ~


  1. Hi Daphne! Spring heralds new growth altogether. You two will be in sync - hang in there, honey!

  2. I see your new laundry room, too! And all these good things. I'm a planner and a list maker. Woo, buddy, it's hard for me to not leap ahead and start filling in the blanks. Good luck!

  3. Yes and love what you have NOW AND what you see with all your heart and it will come.
    Oh how exciting, xox Wilma

  4. suzen - Thanks so much for the encouragement!

    Kate - We are so similar in the list making and planning. I think I have spent so much time keeping a lid on my excitement that when the lid is off, I'm still not really sure it's happening. Thanks for the luck!

    Wilma - I needed your reminder to stay rooted in the present in addition to rocketing full-speed ahead into the future. I'm looking around and seeing so many good things, and things that I will truly miss. It's such a mixed feeling. Thank you.

  5. I see endless possibilities for you!

    I love love love the new pages! Yay blogger :-)

  6. Angelia - Thank you so much! I love them too! Your post today was just brilliant.

  7. Sounds like you might have some excitement going on soon! :)

  8. Taylor - I sure hope so! I'll be keeping everyone posted. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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