Thursday, March 4, 2010

Makeup and Animal Cruelty

Donald and I will be occupied for the next several days with moving and working, so I thought I would write a post completely unrelated to it all to tide my readers over until I can write an update. I would love to read your thoughts on the topic.

If anything, wish us well on the move!

Animal testing is a touchy topic for me. Many important medical advancements have come from research conducted on animals. State and federal laws also require that certain consumer goods be tested on animals to make sure that they are safe for people to use. I'm not going to address these things. Instead, I want to address the testing of luxury goods on animals, namely cosmetics.

I had noticed that some of my cosmetic products have a symbol or words on them that say "Not tested on animals". It made me curious, so I went through all of the products in my makeup bag and daily routine to see whether all of them had this distinction. Finding very few, I did a little research.

I discovered that state and federal testing is not required for these products. Putting the words "Not tested on animals" is regulated, so you can trust that it is accurate. Watch our for "Final product not tested on animals" because that means that it was tested on animals at some point in the manufacturing process.

I am uncomfortable with the fact that most of my cosmetics are not cruelty free. I decided that my external beauty is not worth causing unnecessary animal suffering. There are quality cosmetics available that do not engage in animal testing. I am making the switch.

I am using my money to make a stand.

I am not a PETA member and I don't agree with many of their practices. They do, however, have a great website that lets you search for companies that do or do not test their products on animals. The list for those that do not test on animals is quite long and extensive and includes many well-known brands. You can also search for cruelty-free manufacturers of specific products.

Some of my favorite products are from cruelty-free companies:
Bath & Body Works
Burt's Bees
Crabtree & Evelyn
St. Ives
Tom's of Maine
Wet N' Wild

Surprisingly NOT on the cruelty-free list (these products will be phased out of my collection ASAP):
Cover Girl

I have a choice. I'm glad I had the information to make the choice that is most in line with my values.

**Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with any of the companies or websites listed above.**


  1. Hi Daphne .. I think it rejected that comment - just as I logged out - bother! I said good luck etc with all the moving palaver and hope all goes smoothly.

    I don't use much make up .. but will take up your suggestions and phase out any of the 'baddies' above .. and use the good ones in the future ..

  2. Hi Daphne! Thanks for posting this - I have already purged my pantry and fridge for anything with GMO's - going organic, have you read my blog about the food industry? I am in the midst of switching out a lot of my household cleaners so make-up will definitely get an overhaul as well. I must say though, I MUCH more concerned about the crap in our food! Especially the milk. Hope you'll read my blog and pass it on. It affects everyone!

    Can't wait to hear the tales of your move. Wishing you every good thing!!!

  3. Oh no! Aveeno and Maybelline? My staples. *sigh* But like you, now that I know, I cannot in good conscience persist.

    I really wish St. Ives had a moisturizer line.

    Thank you so much for sharing this info! I'm off to check the website.

  4. Ammendment: St Ive's -does- have facial moisturizers!

  5. Good information Daphne! Thanks for the 4-1-1 on these animal cruelty-free lines! I think it's important that we do what we can to help end this antiquated practice of animal testing! =)

  6. Hilary - Thanks for the luck and well wishes. I appreciate you taking the time to look at the makeup you do have and consider buying animal friendly brands in the future. Thank you!

    suZen - I'm very interested in animal treatment in the food industry although it tends to overwhelm me. That's why I started with the makeup, it's a small piece of the larger picture. I'm so glad you're spreading the word! Thanks for the well wishes.

    Kate - I was disappointed by Aveeno and Maybelline too! I'm so glad you found a moisturizer with St. Ives. I just started using one of their body washes and it's wonderful.

    Mindy - I completely agree! Thanks for the support!


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