Thursday, January 7, 2010

Word of the Year

As an afterthought to a recent post, I picked a word of the year for 2010. Unfortunately, the word I picked has some mental connotations for me that are less than inspirational.

I picked the word "CLEANSE". Does your junk email box come to mind, perhaps coupled with the word "colon"?


So, I looked through my trusty thesaurus for a better, less burdened word.

My new word for the year is CLARITY. It still works with the explanations I gave in my first choice of words, thusly:

I will declutter and organize, clearing my space. I will breathe deeply and intentionally, clearing my body. I will reaffirm my faith and gratitude and present-ness, clearing my soul.

Clarity also works wonderfully well with communication, another biggie I'm emphasizing in my life these days.

There, I feel better now. Lighter, even.


  1. I'm reposting a comment from Angelia (


    I think that's really funny how you cleaned your word up ;-)

    p.s. I like it."

    I responded: "Angelia, thank you! It just wasn't quite right originally, you know? :)"

  2. I'm reposting a comment from Peggy (

    "Hi Daphne!

    Clarity was my word for 2009 - such a GREAT word! (and so much better than Cleanse ;-) ) This year I chose FOCUS - because I tend to spread myself too thin, overcommit, and then feel completely overwhelmed."

    I responded: "Peggy, it is a great word! I love your word for 2010 and I hope it helps you, well, focus. :) Best of luck!"


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