Friday, October 16, 2009

Your Turn

I have slowed down the pace of my posts recently. It has been mostly intentional rather than the result of being "too busy". I traveled last weekend and I will be traveling this weekend. Family and work are being given priority.

I have noticed that the more I feel I need to declare to myself and to my readers in my blog, the less time I have to reflect and internalize all that I am reading, thinking, and learning. So I have taken more time to mediate, to relax, to simply be.

I recently finished reading How to be Rich and Happy, so I'll be writing my final review of that here soon. I need a bit more time to let it all sink in.

I am curious about my readers and I imagine that many of you might be curious about me. Since my blog posts tend to dictate the topic of a very one-sided conversation, I'd like to open up this post as a place for you to ask questions, to tell me about yourself, to say whatever it is you'd like to say.

Picture yourself in a warm kitchen, the smell of your favorite baked good wafting from the oven, your favorite beverage in your hands, and happy, encouraging, supportive people sharing the space with you.

What would you ask? What would you share? What do you want to know?


  1. Hi Daphne! I'll ask you my favorite questions: What makes your heart sing? What flower best reflects your personality? And if you could ask anyone else (living or dead) to have coffee with us - who?

  2. Hi Daphne,
    Well, first, what is your favorite baked good, and what is your favorite beverage? And my favorite question to get to know someone is what is it that truly makes your heart happy, and what is the first thing you think to do when you have precious "free" time.....

  3. Hello Daphne

    It was such a pleasure to hear from you on my site and now I am doubly happy to get to know you better on your site.

    I was thrilled to read that you are giving priority to things like family,etc. I know in the world of blogging, especially if one does it a lot, or has more than one site, it is very easy to get caught up in the whole world of the Internet.

    But as great as it is, it is not I feel what gives our lives and oursevles that deeper joy and contentment that only certain heart felt experiences, perhaps with loved ones can do.

    It is great also to discover more about oneself, and declare to the Universe - to the world who we are. For example, the more love that we pour out there, the more it multiplies, and of course the more we attract back to ourselves.

    So fully and wholeheartedly enjoy the self learning process - I know I am really enjoying mine :)

  4. I have the same questions as the previous comments. I also would add a thank you for inviting me into your kitchen to join you at a table surrounded by beautiful souls. Having a blogging community has fully enriched my life. I am happy that you are part of it and that you are sharing who you are.

  5. Hi again Daphne,

    How warm and inviting your kitchen feels. Your post reminds me of a piece of art that I used to have called Big Yellow House. The artist (Jodi Hillis) had drawn, obviously, a big yellow house and then wrote these words in the yard:
    "If I were a house,
    I would be a big yellow house, with a yellow so inviting that if you were to walk by, just being you, it would call to you, ‘Come In, You and Your Heart sit down.’ And if you did, come into that big, yellow, inviting house, You’d know you were home.”

    My question to you would be If you were a house, what would you be like? A rambler, a colonial, a Cape Cod? How many rooms and what room is your favorite? Can you describe it for me?


  6. My favorite question is how do you like to spend your holidays and what was the one you remember the best?
    Thanks for asking us to ask questions.

  7. Daphne -
    I can't really think of a question at this point in time but did want to make a comment. I wanted to thank you for opening yourself up and inviting us readers in to take part on your journey. It has been eye-opening and inspiring to read your words and I enjoy watching your growth. Now...pass me a snickerdoodle. =)

  8. To everyone who asked questions, thank you! I'm responding in a new post shortly.

    Evita - Thank you so much for visiting! I'm really enjoying your blog so far and I'm glad you wanted to visit (and comment on) mine. I appreciate the encouragement.

    Jill - I'm so glad you're here too! You are always welcome in my kitchen. I am so grateful to the community I have found here.

    Sandi - I'm responding to your question in my new post today, and I wanted to write back to you about the rest of your comment. I love the description of the Big Yellow House and I am so flattered that my post reminds you of that. I found the print online at - click on the picture of the yellow house for a larger image. Thank you so much for sharing this with me and my readers.

    Wilma - I'll answer your question in my next post. Thank you for asking!

    Mindy - I really appreciate your warm and kind words. I am grateful to my readers for giving me feedback along my journey and it is a bonus that my experience inspires others. I'm placing a plateful of warm snickerdoodles right in front of your seat so you can have them anytime you want one.


I welcome and appreciate your comments!