Friday, April 2, 2010

Five Years

Five years ago today, I married the love of my life, my best friend and soul mate, the one who completes me.

Our vows were simple:
In the name of God,
I, Emily, take you, Andrew, to be my husband,
to have and to hold, from this day forward,
for better or worse,
for richer or poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish
until we are parted by death.

The last five years have asked a lot of us. We have been happy and sad, fulfilled and frustrated, calm and terrified. Our marriage has been tested and it has held strong. Marriage is hard and we have learned to maintain it, to grow it.

Our foundation is stable. The storms we have weathered have made it stronger. We are stronger. We know each other better now and we know more of our own capabilities.

During the last five years, we have faced distrust, unemployment, depression, relocation, family pressures, delayed dreams, financial woes, parental separation, and deaths of loved ones. Truly, it is nothing more than most people face in their lives. What stands out is that we are on the other side, smiling and happy. We made it through in one piece. We have survived and we are thriving. We live to face whatever comes next and we know that our trials are not over. We are ready to take it on.

We could not have done this without the loving support of our many communities. Our families, our friends, my blogging community, all of these people who have supported our marriage and our development as individuals are to be given at least partial credit for our accomplishment today.

Thank you. In gratitude, yes, those are our real first names in our vows. A gift for all of you.

More updates and news to come.


  1. Happiest Anniversary to you! You have made it through a lot and your Love will carry you on. Congrats!

  2. Oh, wonderful! Happy anniversary to both of you!

    It's too cool to be able to look back and see all you've weathered and feel good about it and give respect to both the good and the bad and how it shaped you and your relationship.

    I hope you have a very sweet day.

  3. Hi Daphne - that's wonderful .. many congratulations and many happy years to come .. life is a roller-coaster .. just delighted to have met you & be part of your life and community .. and so happy that you're happy.

    Have a really good Easter on the right side of life - the positive, happy side .. be blessed - with a hug or two! - Hilary

  4. Jill - Thank you so much! I appreciate your encouragement.

    Kate - Thank you! It is really neat to see how far we have come and to see where we're going a little more clearly.

    Hilary - Thank you so much! I hope you had a good Easter too. I appreciate your support.

  5. Hi Emily, aka Daphne,

    Congratulations to you and your husband on your five year wedding anniversary.

    It's also get to see you blogging again.

    See you again soon. :)

  6. Barbara - Thank you so much! I'm glad to be back.


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